Vol 8 (2023): June (in progress)
Military Science

Some Issues of the Development of Military Tourism
Beberapa Isu Pengembangan Wisata Militer

Alimova Guzal Alisherovna
University of Public Safety of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan *

(*) Corresponding Author
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Published January 30, 2023
  • military tourism development mechanism,
  • intellectual development,
  • patriotism,
  • military history,
  • economic growth,
  • military tourism services,
  • military tourism product
  • ...More
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Alisherovna, A. G. (2023). Some Issues of the Development of Military Tourism . Academia Open, 8, 10.21070/acopen.8.2023.5777. https://doi.org/10.21070/acopen.8.2023.5777


This article is devoted to the development of military tourism. The influence of the tourism industry on the socio-economic development of society is analyzed. On the basis of a historical approach, the main prerequisites for the development of military tourism in the world are investigated. Special attention is paid to the development of military tourism in the CIS countries and in Uzbekistan. The prospects for the development of military tourism in Uzbekistan are considered. A mechanism for the development of military tourism has been developed. The main problematic aspects and factors in the development of this type of tourism are identified. The main reasons for the growing popularity of military tourism in modern society are studied. In conclusion, proposals for the development of military tourism are presented.


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