Vol 8 (2023): June (in progress)

Challenges of Reforming Energy Sector: Urgent Solutions Needed

Samiev Shakhrukh
Tashkent State Transport University, Uzbekistan *

(*) Corresponding Author
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Published March 29, 2023
  • reforms,
  • natural monopolies,
  • regulation,
  • competition,
  • Energy sector
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Shakhrukh, S. (2023). Challenges of Reforming Energy Sector: Urgent Solutions Needed. Academia Open, 8, 10.21070/acopen.8.2023.6050. https://doi.org/10.21070/acopen.8.2023.6050


This scientific article examines the recent reforms in the energy sector and their outcomes, persistent issues in the electricity generation and transmission network due to natural monopolies, regulatory and managerial challenges, and provides suggestions for addressing them. The study's objectives were to analyze the effects of the energy sector reforms, identify the existing issues, and propose solutions to mitigate them. The research methodology utilized qualitative analysis of literature and data gathered from various sources. The results show that the reforms have led to an increase in competition and investment, but natural monopolies still hinder the electricity market's functioning. The regulatory and management challenges identified include inadequate regulatory frameworks, lack of transparency, and ineffective supervision of the industry. The implications of this study are that policymakers need to focus on promoting competition and market-driven mechanisms, implementing effective regulations, and enhancing transparency and accountability in the management of the energy sector.


  1. This article examines energy sector reforms and identifies issues related to natural monopolies.
  2. Recommendations include promoting competition, effective regulations, and transparency.
  3. The reforms have increased competition, but regulatory and management challenges remain.



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