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Vol 7 (2022): December

First Aid Medication and Remedies for Heart Failure
Pertolongan Pertama Obat dan Pengobatan untuk Gagal Jantung

(*) Corresponding Author
January 12, 2023


Dear reader, this article provides information about the drugs used in heart failure, one of the diseases that are currently common ingangj . For most people, Heart Failure is a long-term condition that cannot be treated. But treatment can help keep symptoms under control, possibly for many years. The main treatment options are: healthy lifestyle changes , medications , devices installed on your chest to control heart rhythm, surgery . In most cases, a combination of treatment is required.


  • Heart failure is a common long-term condition that can be managed with treatment.
  • Treatment options include medications, healthy lifestyle changes, devices for heart rhythm control, and surgery.
  • A combination of treatments is often necessary to effectively manage heart failure.

Keywords: Heart failure, Treatment options, Medications, Healthy lifestyle changes, Devices


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