Vol 7 (2022): December

Determine Effectiveness of cotton Seed Cleaning and Sorting Machines
Menentukan Efektivitas Mesin Pembersih dan Sortasi Benih Kapas

Sardorbek Sandjarovich Isroilov
base doctorates Engineering institute at andizhan At Andizhan, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan *

(*) Corresponding Author
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Published December 31, 2022
  • Seeds,
  • Machinery and Technology,
  • Cleaning and Sorting of Seeds,
  • Damange,
  • Salsation,
  • Linter,
  • Delintering,
  • Contamination of Seeds,
  • Seed Sorting Device,
  • Aerodynamic
  • ...More
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Isroilov, S. S. (2022). Determine Effectiveness of cotton Seed Cleaning and Sorting Machines. Academia Open, 7, 10.21070/acopen.7.2022.4717. https://doi.org/10.21070/acopen.7.2022.4717


This article discusses the possibilities and recommendations for improving the technique and technology of seed cleaning, the introduction of aerodynamic sorting during sorting, scientific research to ensure productive and high-quality seed yield, the introduction of multi-factional sorting based on the improvement of cleaning technology and, thanks to this, the possibilities of complete cleaning of ginnated seeds from impurities, preventing damage to seeds and increasing fiber yield, suitable for spinning in the textile industry, and recommendations are given.


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