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DOI: 10.21070/acopen.4.2021.2973

Analysis Student's Comprehension in Reading Narrative Text on English Learning at Junior High School

Analisis Pemahaman Siswa Dalam Membaca Teks Naratif pada Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Di SMP

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

(*) Corresponding Author

Reading Narrative Text Factor Internal & External


Indonesia become is one of the nations which have characteristics almost of community not like reading activity. There is a number of advantages that can be picked when applied reading habits in life. Therefore, researchers are very interested in using research topics related to students' comprehension of reading skills. This study examines more deeply the factors that cause students to have difficulty in understanding the narrative text in English lessons. This type of research is qualitative research that involves descriptive information while the use of the method is more than one such as observation, interview, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that students have difficulty in reading narrative texts because of internal and external factors.


Education is a need that is a top priority that must be possessed by humans to achieve a better position in life [1]. Without realizing, the knowledge gained during education is very important and useful for getting a brilliant career in the future. With a quality education system can minimize the problem of poverty in this nation and job prospects for the community are expand.

As stated by Subyantoro [2], Reading has a important interaction with education system because can evaluate the progress about the way of thinking critically on each person. All forms of information that can be obtained quickly through the text without being complicated called reading activities. If literacy measures are applied to the maximum in life, so there is no one which is easily believe the fake news circulating. A day taking the time to read simple readings by trying to understand the contenst automatically indirectlly becomes a habit that is difficult to break and surely there are many advanatges that can be taken from read.

There is nothing wrong for learning a foreign language. Trying to understand the language of another country well makes easy for one to apply looking an job in an international company. A simple example is English. As stated by Brown [3], Everyone needs English in the era globalization on this time because has become a common requirement that must be used and applied when in foreign countries. Therefore, not surprising that English is necessarily language to study. Learning English can be done autodidact. Of course, by studying on everyday vocabulary through read of brief text which is can increase reading comprehension such as Narrative text. The way that has been mentioned above if practiced in the life, automatically become get used to and familliar with English.

The provision of narrative text material in English learning conducted by the the teacher is considered the most suitable because can stimulate students’ mindsets in developing imagination by exploring various kinds of pictures and writing in the text. In addition, with narrative text material can be proof that students’ results when reading English text are more great visible. There is no doubt that clear and concise English reading makes students feel fast in understanding every meaning contained. To create good literacy on students, supporting processes and material are needed. Teachers should always monitor the progress of reading comprehension on every time because for minimizing any misatke which is happen twice when reading.


This research uses a qualitaive approach with a descriptive type. As said by Moleong, [4] The definition of descriptive is the ways which is used to examine subjects related to humans and conditions that are happening at this time or phenomena that exist through opinions from various sources. The subjects in research were English teacher in grade 9A and only a few students of class 9A who consisting 5 people for interview activities. There are two kinds of data sources applied in this research namely, (1) primary data is data obtained directly by researchers in the field through respondents by observation and interviews and (2) secondary data is additional data getting from the place of reseach occurred but through doccumentation activity such as pictures, documents, archives and others.

There are various kinds of data collecion techniques used are: (1) observation conducted by researchers namely participant with the way trough went directly to the study location at SMP PGRI 9 SIDOARJO & interact directly or was involved in activities that conduct by the subject with collecting systematic data from necessary. (2) one the kind of interview that practiced on this research are sructured namely has meaning as the researcher has prepeared previously about list of questions which is the topics related with the discussion that conveyed to the informant and function of the implementaion is the quesion and answer process cun run easily and direced. (3) the documentation teacniques in this research are divided into two parts: (1) textual documents such as lesson plans about Narrative Text (RPP) and students’ scores in understanding Narrative Text while (2) Non textual documents for the example are voice recording during interview & pictures in the form of photos when interviews occured with students and teacher. The type of validation that use is triagulation namely the technique to check the validity of data various points of view through any way with other. Data analysis techniques has three step to manage data that changes into information on research are data reduction, presentation of data & withdrawal conclusion.

Finding and Discussion

Reading is one of the skills in English lessons that must be developed by students because can provide widely education and also able update anything of information that has never been seen previously by reader. On this research to support students’ reading skill using narrative text which has the meaning as the type of non-fiction story whose plots are interconnected and have an enertaining fuction. As stated by Rebecca, [5] Narrative text is simple reading has content that is easy to understand & consists of interesting pictures with colorful.

Picture 1. The Example of Narrative Text [1]

The specifications for narattive text material are as follows:

  1. Narrative text material in English lessons to repair reading comprehension on students.
  2. The use of narrative text material by involving various kinds of non-fiction stories.
  3. The parts of structure in narrative text are:
  1. Orientation
  2. Complication
  3. Resolution

Learning English by combining narrative text material carried out by the teacher automatically helps students in maximizing the process of undersatnding reading more precisely and correctly. In addition, very considered to be able encourage students become more enthusiastic about reading because the content of the story can attracts the reader’s attention.

The reading ability on each students is very imporatant and needed to be able for knowing the meaning as a whole without has slightest difficulty in the text. Therefore, the teacher must apply appropriate teaching strategies because can affect students’ final results on understanding in certain areas of ability from the lesson. The statements previously disclosed are related to the research conducted by Nunan [6] stated that, The teaching strategies that are applied by students directly in learning must be in accordance with the character being educated and must really be considered because if choose the wrong of teaching strategy automatically have an impact on students’ understanding of the knowledge being studied to become not optimal.

When talk about the difficulties faced by students when reading English, surely there are many obstacles to be overcome by reader. Based on Shehu [7] research state that, In general, can be categorized if students have difficulties in understanding reading coherenlty, there are more than one factors that make the problem occur namely internal and external facors. The two factors can not be equated because have different ways of dealing and the definitions are also opposite.

The meaning of internal factors are various kinds of obsatacles that can hinder students on ability to read in English which come from the selves learners and can only be solved through the self readers and not others. For the example are the students usually does not have interest toward anything related with English language including in terms of reading and there is not motivation from people nearest around such as family, friends, and teacher in giving support in order to still study English lesson begin of the small step. While the definition of exernal factors is the obstacles that occur in undersatnding reading skill are less than optimal because outside impacts and a simple example namely, the strategy applied by the teacher in developing the world of literacy is considered less appropriate for learners. One of the way to solved this with there must be special effortfrom the people involved in this factor so that learning English, especially in reading skills can run as much as possible.

In this study conducted by researchers, can be seen that there are two factors which is make the students of grade 9A in SMP PGRI 9 have difficulty understanding narrative text with well. There are the causes are factors internal and external which are to influence the students in reading skill, especially in English lesson. The impacts of internal factors make the students can not comprehend regard English text with great because basically on the self have laziness that very difficult to against so, appear the feeling not desire for studying English. As said by Harmer [8], The motivation is also a form of this factor because if someone consistently encouraged by friends to learn, the sense of wanting to study something will increase. While the caused of the external factors that happens on this research is reading material that giving by teacher to students not briefly & too long which make most of learners confused.

According to research conducted by Ayu Kedaton Sardhiani [9] with title The Analysis of Student’s Difficulties in Comprehending Narrative Text; Case Study in SMAN 1 Labu Api at Grade X1 Academic Year 2017/2018, have similiar with the argument who stated by researchers because proven that there is internal & external factors which is can influence the students in understanding the narrative text. One example of the internal factor that mean is the students does not like English text & whereas the external factors such as the difficulty of the teacher when delivering narrative text material to students so looks interesting for reader. As said by Mangal [10], The process of teaching & learning process in the classroom can run effectively and efficiently if students have a sense of interest in the lesson.

Based on the explanation that has been reveal above, can be concluded that the internal factors & external factors can affect students’ understanding in reading narrative text. Take easy that these two causes can be corrected so that students’ reading comprehension can be maximized. The most effective way to overcome the case is the students must be able to work together on self for always consistently carry out reading activities on anytime.


Based on the results from interviews activities that conducted by researcher between English teacher & 5 students of grade 9A can be concluded that there are some students who feel unable to read narrative text well. According to source circulating from the concerned someone, the reason for the prolem happend because triggered by factors such as : the internal & exernal factors. Almost of students when reading narrative text ofen make mistake. There are various types of fault made by students when given the English text by teacher namely, not being fluent when reading, inaccurate intonation & look confused in interpreting the text. Beside that, sometimes the students also have mismatch feeling of strategies used by teacher in delivering reading material


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